German Election 2013

Edit 2: Merkel won by landslide. Her speech:

“Heute wird gefeiert – morgen wird gearbeitet.” (Today we celebrate, tomorrow we work).

Edit: Merkel set to win –

Background reading/in-depth articles.

Live blogs (in English):

Infographic – (in German but you’ll be able to figure it out anyway.

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  1. WHO WILL WIN—–?

    German federal election, 2013 Germany 22 September 2013 -Political party — CDU/CSU Party , led by Madam , Angela Merkel.
    Who is the next — winng— Madam , Angela Merkel—— Born: 17 July 1954 (age 59).
    Dominants: ————- Cancer, Taurus, Leo.
    Mercury, Sun, NeptuneHamburg, West Germany.
    Sun: 25°42′ Taurus.
    Popular according to the solar fire.
    williaks system. on that day the sunses at about 6.00 clock a.m. an depending on that with an experiments.
    the political Party.who comes from.. Planetary Positions at.
    Sun:17 11′ in Libra-Moon:24° 17′ in Virgo-Saturn:19 36 in Libra.
    Mercury:11° 06′ in LibraVenus:21° 22 in Scorpio-Pluto:23° 22′ in Libra.
    Nomination and first election campaign date also effect to the win of the each -Madam , Angela Merkel-
    Mars:23° 13in LeoJupiter:22° 04 in Libra.
    Neptune:19° 24′ in Sagittarius.
    ascendent. The election date.
    CDU/CSU Party Power.Planet aquries. The luckey number 01.
    at their Aries assessments and.
    Mars more power full. The election day according to the elevation of.
    Latitude and Magnitude sign the well get more vote and be ask the.
    next elected ( CDU/CSU Party ) Madam , Angela Merkel, — will wine 2013 Chancellor of the Federal in Madam , Angela Merkel.
    — –2013-. sure and definitly (WORLD, s NO.1.
    ASTROLOGER ——-. K. SUNIL OPTHELLE -Galboda– Waturugama Sri LANKA(+94 033 2278121).2013 Augest 14