An Insight into White House Press Briefings

QUESTION: I’m sure that you are dreading – probably dreading this – but it has to do with the drones.

MS. PSAKI (White House Spokesperson): No, I’m not dreading it, Matt.

QUESTION: Oh, you got an answer.

MS. PSAKI: Fully ready for you.

QUESTION: Okay, excellent. So you want me to repeat the question from yesterday, which was essentially —

MS. PSAKI: I think your question – go ahead. Let’s see what your question is.

QUESTION: Well, let’s see if I can remember it. (Laughter.)

MS. PSAKI: Okay.

QUESTION: I think it was: Would the United States support a discussion of the use of drones in a broader resolution about human rights, or is it something that you think is a taboo subject for that kind of forum?

MS. PSAKI: So the answer is: Yes, and we have —

QUESTION: Yes what?

MS. PSAKI: Yes, we would support the – a discussion of the inclusion of remote-piloted aircraft, Matt.

QUESTION: Oh, okay, is that the new word for – or old —

MS. PSAKI: We have engaged on this issue in the wider context of counterterrorism and human rights. Let me give you some specific examples. So we have engaged fully on the text of this year’s Human Rights Council resolution on counterterrorism and human rights, which mentions remote-piloted aircrafts. We also co-sponsored a similar resolution on counterterrorism and human rights, which also mentioned remote-piloted aircrafts, in last year’s UN General Assembly. This specific resolution, our view is it was too narrow, it’s duplicative, it’s covered in other resolutions, but we certainly have supported in larger resolutions a discussion.

QUESTION: Okay. Can you – are you able, physically, to use the word “drone”?

QUESTION: Wouldn’t you prefer it?

MS. PSAKI: I do like the ring of remote-piloted aircrafts. So – (Laughter.)

QUESTION: How about in relation — can I get you to use it in relation to bees?

MS. PSAKI: To bees? Drone bees. Yes.

QUESTION: All right.

MS. PSAKI: True.

QUESTION: We’ll get you to say it.

QUESTION: What about Matt’s questions?

MS. PSAKI: (Laughter.) This is tricky. Getting to be a silly Friday afternoon. All right. Thanks, everyone.