PoliticalDeficit is a blog about Politics. Russia, the UK, and Europe tend to draw most of the focus but really the aim of this is to provide some analysis – whether controversial or informative. If you happen to disagree with any of the views given here, feel free to send a message or post a comment and I might publish it as a follow-up to the original post.

About the Editor
Callum is a postgraduate researcher currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Coming from London, with his undergraduate spent in Northern Ireland, and a strong cultural affinity with France, he has an appetite for exploring views and perspectives that aren’t typically reflected in mainstream media.
How the market – particularly with regards to energy – interacts with international relations is a key factor in understanding the political issues of the 21st century. Callum is currently also the managing editor for the Energy Politics in Eurasia Journal, based in Russia.
Callum has previously written for outlets such as speakerschair.com ( see here ) and runs /r/foreignpolicyanalysis, /r/EnergyPolitics on Reddit.  He can be found on Twitter under the handle @ callumgg and on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/ callumgreen.
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Do you want to write for PoliticalDeficit? Check out our contact page , posts are welcomed as long as they go beyond the headlines. All posts are published under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 licence .

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  1. rtd14 says:

    Thank you for the follow and stopping by my blog! I appreciate it, and I like the look of your blog. While I’m not too outspoken about politics, I am interested in Modern Russian history.

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