Upcoming Posts

Expect more from this space. I’ve been busy recently moving house, travelling, and moderating several republican (not American political party) forums and a twitter account. I’ve decided what I’m going to write this month though.

  • Terrorism in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • State collapse and the link to terrorism.
  • Security structures in the near abroad.
  • Colonial Power relations in ‘Eurasia’.

President Obama, and a number of other world leaders, will be at my university next week before the G8 in Northern Ireland. You’ll forgive me for not writing about this though, as there is a bit of overload on the G8 already.

So I don’t usually write in the first person, and maybe I should, but in this case it’s due to an individual milestone  rather than a quest to make Political Deficit more personal. Recently, a journal of which I was an editor for was published, and given a formal launch.

An award we were given by the university.

An award we were given by the university. More photos here .

You can find the full journal here . The two articles chosen in my section were:

I’ve recently been very busy, and will be so until at least halfway through next week (work even spilling over to this weekend). As such I have a few more in-depth posts on hold, which should be finished off when I have more free time. They include:

  • Iran as a Nuclear Power – The Benefits?
  • EU Reform
  • A Russian take on Iran
  • North Korea as a Rogue Nation: Pre/Post-Juche
  • Romney & Russia (not sure if this will still be relevant, but it is interesting in my opinion)
  • The Chinese Government
  • Others that I might add to this as and when I remember.

In the meantime, check out some other blogs I like on this site such as: (tba)