German Election 2013

Edit 2: Merkel won by landslide. Her speech:

“Heute wird gefeiert – morgen wird gearbeitet.” (Today we celebrate, tomorrow we work).

Edit: Merkel set to win –

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Live blogs (in English):

Infographic – (in German but you’ll be able to figure it out anyway.

So I don’t usually write in the first person, and maybe I should, but in this case it’s due to an individual milestone  rather than a quest to make Political Deficit more personal. Recently, a journal of which I was an editor for was published, and given a formal launch.

An award we were given by the university.

An award we were given by the university. More photos here .

You can find the full journal here . The two articles chosen in my section were:

Comments & Curios VI

So, as the picture above might suggest to those who know what Irish weather is usually like, summer is almost upon us. That means Sun, and more time to write and read! Anyway, here’s what I found interesting in the past week.

Firstly, there’s a press translating service for english-speaking Russia watchers! Much like (which translates the best of the European media into 10 European languages daily) or inoSMI (which translates English articles into Russian), The Russian Spectrum performs a service previously lacking. Go to and check it out.

Jay Ulfelder gave a very interesting speech at TEDxTbilisi , on a subject that was covered well on his blog a while back .

Also, there’s an article by a student in Belfast who previously lived in Israel/Palestine. Gary Spedding writes Lessons for a fruitful peace process from Northern Ireland , in the Israeli 972 Mag .

Lastly, Kingsbury of New Republic challenges media hyperbole in Every President Since Nixon Has Been ‘Nixonian’ .

Comments & Curios V

Who did you rape in the war, daddy? (a question for veterans that needs answering)

A well-written article about the ‘Other’ in warfare, and how easy it is to glorify war. The title is not in reference to a child asking their parent the question, but related to a story heard from a Vietnamese grandmother who was raped by a GI with his rifle – that the GI (if he survived) is unlikely to have told anyone of the experience, much less their own children.

Six steps to fix a broken Mali

the French-led military intervention in Mali has at least brought the country back from the brink of disaster, and opened up a space in which Malians can finally begin to chart a way forward for their nation. If I were advising the people who hold Mali’s fate in their hands — not only Mali’s interim president, but members of influential donor governments in North America and Europe — here’s what I’d recommend …

Welcome to Palestine: What’s Your Faith?

Maysoon Zayid explains what he would show Obama on his visit to Palestine, and why.

Comments & Curios IV

Merkel shepherds the EU away from fiscal cliffs

The last minute negotiations in Washington to avoid a budget shortfall show that short-termism is well grounded in US politics. And by contrast, it shows that despite her controversial handling of the euro crisis, the German chancellor is wise enough to instead push for long-term solutions.

OS – NRC Handelsblad

‘Vintage’ site that tells you what’s happening around the world

It’s hard to keep up on current events, the dominant stories in one country might not even be shown in yours – here’s a little tool to rectify that which seems more useful than the Wiki portal for current events, albeit less aesthetic .

A quick argument on why theories should be simple

When we consider theories, it may be that depicting actors’ behaviors as following rationalist behaviors are deeply false, but nevertheless useful. We shouldn’t be deluded into mistaking assumptions for reality but we should also not forego the power of simplification.

Coup forecasts for 2013

As the title implies, it’s a prediction of coups for 2013. Should be interesting to keep watch.

Comments & Curios III

The American NGO, operating in North Korea

For once, good news about North Korea.

The story of an Arizona rancher who moved to the most oppressive country on earth — and is attempting to reconcile two countries that have been enemies for decades.

Iran files a lawsuit against Russia

Dmitry Gorenburg warns that this might backfire, but others speculate that this might be an unavoidable consequence of Russia seeing more profit by selling to countries aligned to Israel and America – who would oppose any business with Iran.

Protestants now no longer the majority in N. Ireland

This might give some context to the Protestants who feel that the Catholics are gaining more control, despite the DUP currently leading Stormont.

The proportion of Protestants in Northern Ireland has fallen below 50 percent for the first time, census figures showed on Tuesday, raising the prospect that the growing numbers of Catholics could upset a fragile political balance.

Mapping the 2012 Presidency

There are a lot of graphics running around this time, I thought it would be handy to sort the good from the bad. From interactive and cartographical maps, to print-out and colour-in maps there’s one for everyone it seems!

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