Comments & Curios VI

So, as the picture above might suggest to those who know what Irish weather is usually like, summer is almost upon us. That means Sun, and more time to write and read! Anyway, here’s what I found interesting in the past week.

Firstly, there’s a press translating service for english-speaking Russia watchers! Much like (which translates the best of the European media into 10 European languages daily) or inoSMI (which translates English articles into Russian), The Russian Spectrum performs a service previously lacking. Go to and check it out.

Jay Ulfelder gave a very interesting speech at TEDxTbilisi , on a subject that was covered well on his blog a while back .

Also, there’s an article by a student in Belfast who previously lived in Israel/Palestine. Gary Spedding writes Lessons for a fruitful peace process from Northern Ireland , in the Israeli 972 Mag .

Lastly, Kingsbury of New Republic challenges media hyperbole in Every President Since Nixon Has Been ‘Nixonian’ .